how to make black

How To Make Black Paint

In this article, we will tell you how exactly you will create black color by mixing the other color paints. As you know, black color is the darkest color among all colors, so it is impossible to create the perfect black color by mixing a few different colors.

Being honest with you, you will enjoy making black color by mixing other colors and try hard to get dark black. It demands creativity, as this is challenging as well. Isn’t it creative? Let’s see.

We will discuss the top two ways to create a black color step by step out of other colors.

Method #1: Mix Dark blue Color with Brown Color

As you can see from the title, we will mix dark brown color and brown color to create a dark black color.

Step: 1: Begin with Ultramarine Blue

Take the box of Ultramarine Blue color and a brush. Dip the brush in the box and let the color falls in the plate first. We encourage you to include Ultramarine Blue, as much as you want.

Step: 2: Continue the process with Brown Color

Now take the brown paintbox and the brush to dip in the brown box. Remember, the brush used in the second step should be the new one rather than using the brush, which you used in a blue color box.

Once you get both, then dip the new brush into the brown box and place the brown color into the plate almost 1 inch away from the plate. Once you do this, then mix both of these colors with the same brush slowly and gradually. Remember, you need to mix both the color until you get black color in the result.

Step: 3: Use Prussian blue to Darken the Black Color

Once you get the black color from the other two steps, then use Prussian blue color to create a more intense and dark back color. As we discussed earlier that it is impossible to get the original darkest black color, however mixing the Prussian blue color with the existing dark helps to create highly intense and dark black color.

Method #2: Mixing Reciprocal colors

In this method, we will mix the opposite colors, which will cancel each other color properties to yield the black color. Let’s see how this method works!

Ex: 1: Mix Red and Green Color paint:

Take two individual brushes for each box and place both color paints in the plate almost 1 inch apart. Mix both colors slowly to create the black color.

Ex: 2: Mix Blue and Orange Color Paint

Take the box of cobalt blue and translucent orange along with the two new brushes for each box. Similar to the last step, place both the color paints into the plate 1 inch apart from each other and then mix both of the colors slowly. Remember; use the blue color in large quality as compared to an orange.


These are the top two ways to create the dark black color close to the original black color. I hope you will find it creative and amusing.