how to make black

How To Make Black Paint

In this simple step-by-step guide I try to show you how to create an almost Black color out of other colors you may have with you!

First of all, let's be clear, it's not possible no make an absolut "perfect" Black paint, due to the fact that, as you may know, Black is the darkest color of all the colors we know (being the opposite of White), making it very hard (almost impossible) to be perfectly created out of other colors.

However, you can definitily create "your" own Black, it will certainly be much more enjoyable and creative! I'll explain: when you mix certain colors and you choose the quantity in each one you can control how your Black looks like!

Step 1 - The most common Black color is a dark Blue mixed with a Brown Color (for best results, use an Earth Color). To get the dark Blue, just add a tiny bit of a darker color to make it darker. Choose your own dark Blue, control the process!

Step 2 - Getting the Brown

To get the Brown color, you only need to:

  1. Mix two primary colors: Blue and Yellow to get Green
  2. Mix Green with Red to get Brown

Control the portion of colors you use in order to obtain a good Brown to get your Black Paint later!

Step 3 - Getting the Black

Finally, in order to get your Black color, simply start mixing small portions of each colors and control the final mixture as you see it getting darker! This way, you'll obtain your own Black Paint!

Try using different kinds of Browns and Dark Blues to get Black color! Don't forget, Brown and Blue!