how to make black
Black Beans

How To Make Black Beans

Have you cooked the black beans yet in your entire life? If no, then don’t worry! We will tell you how exactly you can cook black beans step by step. So let’s start.

Step: 1: Wash the beans

Firstly, you must have to buy the beans. It is the primary requirement in making the beans. Once you buy the beans, then uncover them from the bag and look for stones, useless beans, and any foreign material. Put all that useless material in the dustbin.

Mostly, there will be no stones or any kind of useless material, but as a precaution, we should do this. Once you do the process of filtration, then wash the beans in any colander. Put the colander on the boiler and raise the heat to medium level. This process is done because we should warm the beans first before cooking them.

Step: 2: Soak heated beans in cold water

The purpose of soaking the bean is to reduce the cooking time. It also reduces the chances of causing gas to people. Take a bowl and put all the beans in the bowl. Now put water over the beans in such a way that beans should cover fully. At least soak the beans for 4 hours, but we recommend to soak the beans full night so that the cooking time will be reduced.

Step: 3: dip the beans and start cooking process

Once the beans will be soaked for at least 4 hours then transfer the beans in another pot. Fill that pot with water such that the water will be just above of beans.

Step: 4: Mix any algae to avoid babble effect

Once the process is done, then mix any algae into the dipped beans to avoid the babble effect. After mixing, raise the heat to medium level.

Step: 5: Boil beans for 2 minutes and then reduce heat to complete the process

Boil the beans at above medium heat for 2 minutes, then reduce the heat at low heat and put piston over it to increase the pressure. Leave the beans for a couple of hours so that the beans can be cooked completely.

Step: 6: check the beans

Once you complete the process, then don’t forget to check the softness of beans. If you feel a bit firmness, then put beans again on the boiler until the beans get softer.