how to make black

How To Make Black Light

How to make Black Light

Humans love to do crazy stuffs. To make a black light is never less than a crazy stuff. It can be used to shine objects, colorful words. To make a black light, you need creativity. If you want to make and feel excited about it then, don’t worry. We will tell you how you can make a black light step by step.

Step: 1: Buy a rod

The very first step and the most basic requirement is to buy the rod first. The glow of the rod should be sunny.

Step: 2: Buy a transparent tap and roll it on to the rod

You should also buy a tap to roll it over the rod carefully. You should cover all the spots of the rod.

Step: 3: Buy Marker

Now buy a marker of any dark color. It may be black, blue, dark brown, red, etc. The shade of the marker must be dark.

Step: 4: Draw lines over tape

Let’s suppose you have bought the blue marker. Now draw the lines over the transparent tap from the first point to the last such that the whole tap covered over the rod becomes blue.

Step: 5: Roll the tap over the 1st layer of Tap

Repeat the 2nd step process carefully. Make sure that all the spots of the first blue marked tape will be covered.

Step: 6: Draw lines over second the 2nd layer of transparent tap

Repeat the 4th step process of drawing lines over the 2nd layer of transparent tap such that the whole 2nd layer of transparent tap becomes blue.

Step: 7: Repeat the 2nd and 4th step again

Roll the transparent tap again and draw lines on 3rd layer of transparent tap. Once you do this, and then write down some colorful words. Close the lights, and start the tapped rod, you will see the impact of dark light in terms of glow.