how to make black

How to make black bean burgers

How often we humans love something to eat, which will be a great substitute for the meat. The black bean burger does not only give you a good taste, but it also healthy to eat. This burger makes you more fit with high protein and fiber without any fat substance. It is the reason; many people eat this burger while dieting because it is very nutritious and vegan friendly.

In this article, we will learn how to make black bean burgers step by step. So learn it, please read the article carefully.

Initially, there is a list of integrands give below, which you need to make a black bean burger.

Before starting to make a black bean burger, you should avail of all these integrants. Except this, you also need some other things listed below.

Once you organized all the integrands and necessary things then. it’s time to start making black bean burger.

Step: 1: spew the flour into plate

The first step is to take a plate and half cup of wheat flour. Spew the flour into the plate. Put that plate aside. You will need it later on.

Step: 2: Fry below integrands and add red pepper

Now pour onion, oregano, garlic, and hot pepper in a pot. Put the pot over a boiler with 1 tablespoon of oil and fry it with medium heat until the onion become translucent. Now add the red pepper and sauté it for 2 minutes. Keep this material aside.

Step: 3: Mix the black beans with potato masher

Take a bowl and put the black beans in the bowl, and pour the water inside the bowl. Take the cut potatoes and mix them with black beans.

Step: 4: Mix rest of the integrands and divide the mixture

Add all the other integrands including, vegetables, bread crumbs, corn, salt, cumin, chili powder, and parsley in the bowl, which is filled with beans. Combine them and start mixing them until they do not get mixed. Once they get mixed, then divide the mixture into 5 hamburger patties.

Step: 5: Put the patties into floor

Now put all 5 patties into flour one by one and make sure they are covered by the flour completely.

Step: 6: Fry those flour coated patties and out them between buns.

Take all the flour-covered patties and fry them one by one with 1 tablespoon of oil. Make sure, you will fry the patties at medium heat. Now, put patties between theToasted hamburger buns. Your black bean burger is ready.