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How To Make Black Garlic

How to Make Black Garlic

If you are living in European countries, then you must have the knowledge that European people love to have Black Garlic. Black Garlic is always included in the menu items in 5-star hotels. You can’t make Black Garlic in a single; you must plan to make it at least 3 weeks before. You shouldn’t need to prepare Black Garlic manually. You can make Black Garlic through Rice cooker. Few things you must have before making Black Garlic.

So let’s learn how to make Black Garlic step by step.

Step: 1: Buy Unpeeled Garlic

To make Black Garlic, you only need to purchase Black Garlic. There are two types of Black Garlic. One is known as standard garlic, which comes with a small size. The second one is known as Solo garlic, which has a large size as compared to standard garlic.

We recommend you use Solo garlic as it is big so you can make a large quantity of garlic as it takes 2-3 weeks. However, if you intend to make a small of Black Garlic, then standard garlic is also a good choice for you.

People usually buy a large amount of garlic as they can as this process takes 2-3 weeks, and it is frustrating to wait for 2-3 weeks again to make Black Garlic again. Once you buy the garlic, then discard the cracked garlic.

Step: 2: Clean the Black Garlic

Take the towel and clean garlic one by one properly. Make sure that the garlic is clean and free from dust and dirt. You can also dip the towel into water and then extract the water from it and clean the Black Garlic gently to remove the dust. You can also cut the dirty heads of garlic.

Step: 3: Its cooking time

Now take your rice cooker and set it in the storeroom. Now you must think that why I am asking you to set a rice cooker in the storeroom. Look, when the garlic is heated for 2-3 weeks, then it extracts its aroma. To avoid this, you must set the cooker into the rice cooker. Once you set a rice cooker then, put the small rack into the rice cooker and a paper towel into the rack. Keep all the Black Garlic into the towel. The rice cooker must have a piston and keep warm setting.

Step: 4: Continue the process with another paper towel

Now put another paper towel above the Black Garlic to make it secure. We recommend you to put two paper towels at least then close the rice cooker.

Step: 5: Heat for 10 days

Turn the rice cooker on, and set it to keep warm and leave it for 10 days at least.

Step: 6: Remove the heads after 10 days

Remove the heads after 10 days. Make sure that the garlic is black and dry. If not, then keep Black Garlic into a rice cooker for 4 more days to get prepared.