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How To Make Black icing
Black icing

How To Make Black Icing

Looking forward to make a wonderful black icing? Follow these simple guide!

Step 1 - Buy the icing! This is the very first step! You can choose between chocolate, strawberry, vanilla (e.g.) depending on the actual flavour you wish your frosting to have! Attention: Don't forget this - keep in mind that if you choose to use a light color and don't add the cocoa, the amount of dye you need to use could alter the flavor in a certain way!

Step 2- Buy the black food dye! I personally recommend you to use the gel colorings due to the fact that you won't need to use much quantity of it and that way the flavour will definitely be unaffected.

Step 3 - Simply open your icing, put it in a nice, big bowl and slowly add your black coloring. Now stir! Considering you're using the gel coloring mentioned above, you'll only need a small portion of it, about a half ounce per cup! Pay attention: you will certainly need the most dye in white frosting, secondly in strawberry frosting and the least dye in chocolate frosting.

Step 4 - Mix it very well until you guarantee there are no such thing as impurities or lumps

Step 5 - comes the fun part! Time to taste the icing to check its flavor! If your icing happens to be too bitter, you want to add cocoa (or, of course, a flavoring of the desired flavor!) a tablespoon, one at a time until you finally obtain your desired flavor!

Step 6 - Let the frosting sit! I recommend you let it sit in the refrigerator.

Step 7 - Take it our of the fridge and...voila! Time to finally enjoy it!



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