how to make black

How to make black soap

The black soap is one of the favorite recipes for many people in West Africa. The soap is made up of the potash. You can potash to cleanse the skin as well. People also use potash on their hands and hair.

In this article, we will tell you how we can make black soap step by step. So let’s start with integrants, which we need to make black soap.

Integrants you need to make black soap

Step: 1: But the potash from an online website first:

It is hard to find the potash from shops if you do not belong from West Africa. In that case, you might have to order online to buy it. Before purchasing it, make sure there will be a label on the packet of potash. Usually, potash is sold in 3-ounce bags. Potash is an ash, which is made up of plantain, clay, and cocoa. All of them can be used to make black soap.

Step: 2: Take a stainless steel pot and mix potash and water

Pour distilled water and potash in stainless steel. Make sure you will wear gloves while making black soap for safety purposes. If you don’t have a stainless steel pot then, an iron pot is also okay to make black soap.

Step: 3: Bring water to its boiling stage

Heat the water until and unless it starts to boil. It will take 2-3 minutes at full heat.

Step: 4: Reduce the heat to medium stage for 30 minutes

Boil the potash with medium heat till 30 minutes so that the potash will start to get firm and take a crumbly texture. Once the potash cooked completely, then scrapes the sides and bottom of the pot properly. The whole water will be absorbed by the potash to take a solid structure. You should take care of the structure of potash. Don’t let it overboil.

Step: 5: Remove the potash from heat once starts to look crumbly:

Make sure you will take the potash from the boiler once it starts to take a crumbly structure. Once it is prepared then, put it aside in environmental temperature for cooling purposes.

Step: 6: Heat castor oil and coconut oil

Take 4 ounces of each oil and heat it in a deep pot. Make sure the pot must be in deep of the pot, and you should put in on stove at low heat. You can use palm oil in place of castor oil as well.

Step: 7: Mix water and potash

Mix 1.8 ounces of potash and 180mL of distilled water. Make sure the potash will completely dissolve in distilled water.

Step: 8: Cook the soap until get thickens:

Make sure you will open the window during this process as it causes smoke in large amounts. Continue this process until get thickens.

Step: 9: Now place the black soap at room temperature

Now place the black soap at room temperature for cooling purposes.