how to make black

How To Make Black Tea

How to make black tea

Many people around the world love to have a hot cup of black tea. There are many types of black tea. It depends upon your taste and flavor. Mainly the black tea is manufactured from the oxidized leaves of the camellia sinensis plant.

In this article, we will tell you how exactly you can make black tea step by step. So let’s start with the things we need to make black tea.

Things You’ll Need

Step: 1: Choose the black tea according to your flavor

The first step you should take is to choose the right black tea based on flavor, which you like the most. Black tea comes in many types of flavors. There are fruity flavors like orange pekoe. The fruit flavors are mostly light. There are other stronger flavors like malt of citrus flavors. Except for this, there are desert teas, which include flavors like mint, vanilla, etc. You first need to choose your favorite flavor and then buy the black tea.

Step: 2: If you are confused the go to tea shop and ask for help

If you are going to make black tea for the first time in your life, then it is obvious that you will get confused. Don’t worry, just go to the shop. Tell the salesman your favorite flavor, and he will sell you the black tea based on your favorite flavor.

Step: 3: If there is no shop near your house then what you should do?

You can go to online websites, or you may google some of the black teas which Google will recommend you based on your flavor. You may order black tea online as well.

Step: 4: Use the following equipments to heat the water

Now the very first step to heat the water. You can heat the water through a stovetop kettle, stovetop pot, or an electric heater. These 3 methods have a few advantages and disadvantages over each other. However, these all methods are okay and depend upon your kitchen size and you.

Step: 5: Heat the water to 212 degree Fahrenheit

This temperature is the boiling temperature of water. This is why we have included the thermometer in the list of “things you need”. You should check the temperature accurately and heat the water over 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step: 6: Put the tea in hot water through teaspoon or tea bag

Now, you should brew black tea into hot water by teaspoon or tea bag. Many filters are used to infuse tea into a mug. Each filter has different advantages over each other. Leave it for 5 minutes, at least then your tea should be ready.